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The political compass

My results and justifications for the questions in the famous political compass.

The political compass

These days a lot of people have become predisposed to having the information they want fed to them with a spoon. Attention spans, in general, are shortening and that is attributable to the desire for ratings and popularity, by having easily digestable information and shocking titles that are often dishonest.

This "article" will not be such a case. I will expand as much as I feel needs to be said on each question the political compass asks as of the date this post is made. I might add some personal examples, but I will try to justify my viewpoints without having them as reasoning.

A lot of people will probably be directed here, since I will use this as a time saver, because often I need to repeat something I've said several times. So if you're one of those people, welcome. :)

Some words that may identify are:
Traditionalist, Monarchist, Identitarian, Fascist and Fiscally conservative

I believe in a system, that is governed by those, interested in politics, since I do not believe the public at large is capable of making an informed decision in a democratic process. Religion should play a big role in government and should be responsible for the family unit and socially beneficial activities. The nation should be exclusive only to whites, which are citizens and other whites on a temporary basis. Any non-white immigration, if any, should be heavily tracked by police, should be less than 0.1% of the population and should be forbidden any sort of romantic relationships with the citizens.

I will go into details below in the linked pages.

I will split this post in 6 pages, similar to what the political compass does in order to not make it seem that overbearing and to keep a structure that people used to the compass will be familiar with.

1. General views

2. Economy

3. Social values

4. National governance

5. Religion and Charity

6. Sex