• Sex outside marriage is usually immoral.

. Yes, and while that's not ultimately true, it should be looked as a culture barrier put in place to protect the family unit. With the so called "sexual liberation", sex is considered taboo by few now and as a result, sex outside marriage is prominent, leading people to think sex and looks is all that matters in a relationship and often judgement on a perfect partner would be based or not whether they fuck well together or not. This is ultimately wrong as it is leading to less families and less children as a result, serving the nation with lots of genetic dead ends.

  • A same sex couple in a stable, loving relationship should not be excluded from the possibility of child adoption.

No, they should be. Homosexuality is a transmittable sickness not like many others as in it takes the propaganda efforts of other sick people in order to teach this travesty. By allowing fags and dykes to adopt, you're dooming that kid to a life of sodomy and exploitation. It is common for these people to be paedophiles too, which is another reason to which this should not be allowed. No logical argument besides "muh feelings" exist.

  • Pornography, depicting consenting adults, should be legal for the adult population.

Pornography is inherently subversive and bad for a persons physche. It presents an unreal expectation of what sex is and often leads to false premises when sex is sought. There have been plenty of studies shown to prove one can get addicted and the adverse affects of it in order to be classified as dangerous material and while restricted, children can easily access it and adults often abuse it. On top of that, the whole industry is filled with Jews, who openly and honestly explain their plan of promoting sexual degradation and racemixing to the goyim and surely some profits off it go directly to Israel and to fund other socially dangerous actors like NGO's and such.

  • What goes on in a private bedroom between consenting adults is no business of the state.

Wrong again. For the abovementioned reasons we should be making sure there are no homosexuals or sexual fetishists that pervert the act of sex and propagate destructive "sexual liberation". Unfortunately, in these times, the government needs to intervene to prevent that, but in an ideal society, there will be no laws to govern this as social pressure will be enough to make sure it is a rare occurance.

  • No one can feel naturally homosexual.

Correct. Expanding on what I've said previously, there needs to be extensive education on sexual deviancy and proper sexual education in schools in late High School years in order to limit the effects possible exposure to faggotry has. People that claim that they feel "naturally homosexual" have a mental illness and needed to be given the care they deserve in a mental institution. The worst thing we can do as a society is allow this to be accepted as a possibility when it is obviously not.

  • These days openness about sex has gone too far.

It's time for society to return to the times when sex wasn't trivial, since it is not and has never been. Sex is awesome and I've got nothing against it in general, but the issue is of its current casual nature. But we need to give sex a higher value than it currently has due to "sexual liberation" resulting in a lot of misery, broken relationships and inflated rape statistics. No man would want a woman who has slept around with more than a dozen men, but at the same time, modern men are willing to fuck most women and do anything in order to achieve that, so they actively contribute to the issue. There needs to be a mainly male push to restrain ourselves from needless sexual urges and promote the idea of sex with as few partners as possible.