Religion and Charity

  • Astrology accurately explains many things.

. lol no. People like this are most of the time Tumblr minded liberals that justify any minor coincidence with a prealigned star path, fortunes for today and other bullshit like that. They are almost on vegan levels of self aggrandizement.

  • You cannot be moral without being religious.

Generally, religion (talking about Orthodox Christianity here) is a good and set stepping stone when it comes to acquiring proper morals for a society. Religion puts God in your life and informs you of the fact, that you are always judged on your acts, so even if you tip your fedora too hard, you still have to admit it can act as a excellent deterrence to immoral societal behaviour. While it is not a necessity, it should be heavily encouraged.

  • Charity is better than social security as a means of helping the genuinely disadvantaged.

Right, no one should be forced into charity via taxes, since not everyone might feel the need to contributem but there is an obvious need for one. Rather than making it legally obligable, why don't we teach Christial values of sharing and being charitable so you can help your disadvantaged citizens. I would think that would be a better form of "Social security" where no one is displeased or held at gunpoint.

  • Some people are naturally unlucky.

While I do believe this is true, I think a lot of people are explaining their easily preventable mistakes with bad luck. It is not "bad luck" to invest in Bitcoin, it is not bad luck to be poor (most of the times) and especially if you're smoking/drinking while pregnant. These examples are some of the more notorious I have seen and they serve just as a foundation to why I think this is bullshit. Generally unlucky people fail at the lottery or something actually entirely reliant on chance, even though a wise person would know his limits in either case.

  • It is important that my child's school instills religious values.

Yes, although I do not think it should be enforced. If people want to be godless and embrace a life of sin in front of God's eyes, I will not stop them, for I will try, but not persist. It would be beneficial to have an opt-out system at school for Christian study, but it should be made a default to signify a country's religious path in the world.

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